New Hard-Hitting Traditional Catholic Textbooks

Angelic Doctor Academy and Christ the King Books have collaborated for eight years of intense labor to produce many new Traditional Catholic textbooks.  These books address, head-on, certain very pervasive errors across the disciplines.   For example, instead of the typical biased and liberal United States history books used in many curricula, Catholics now have access to a militantly Catholic history textbook.  Instead of public school-style “science” and mathematics books which teach the child almost nothing (except, at best, memorization and problem-solving), we provide solid, orderly textbooks which proceed from the first principles of each science.  With these books, the Catholic student really learns to think with the mind of the Church.


1.   The books you see in the image here are just a few of our new books.   There are many more available on the Christ the King Books website. Almost all of the books have a sample for download, as well as a corresponding student exercises and answer key.


2.   For each of the books, you can simply purchase the books, exercises and answer key for your own use, or you can enroll the student in the course, in which case we grade all the schoolwork for you!  If you will be enrolling the student, then you will be able to purchase the books directly during the enrollment process directly (instead of using our books website).


Thank you, and God bless you!